Coopers Real Ale Resepti?

Coopers Real Ale Resepti

How do you make a Coopers Real Ale?

Cooper Ale review – Found a kit in the garage which was 4 years past its best before date. Took up a challenge to make a palatable. Ingredients: 1 x coopers real ale kit, 500g Amber malt (DRY), 300g dextrose, 500ml honey, 300g Crystal grain (Steeped), 300g oats (Mashed), 20g SAAZ hops (Steeped), 20g cascade dry hopped), M44 mangrove jacks yeast.

Added water to make 23l Fermented in the primary for 10 days. Bulked primed with dextrose. Bottled conditioned for 4 weeks. Very good result and was surprised the flavour of the hops very pronounced. already have another one of these down as all of my freind prefered this over the 10 batches i have the beer fridge.

Colfa January 29th 2018 #1960
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What is a good example of a Coopers traditional ale?

Bright golden colour with a strong head, pleasant blend of fruit and malt on the nose with generous mouthfeel and a moderately bitter finish. A good example of a Coopers Traditional Ale Requires 1kg of Sugar but using Liquid Malt Enhancer will produce a superior brew – see below.
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What is the og of Coopers Unreal ale?

A trusted old friend – This was my staple for ages. Coopers Real Ale, 1kg liquid malt, recultured Coopers yeast, 30g Goldings hops boiled for 10 mins. A good round beer for quaffing but still with character. The standard yeast makes it a bit dry for a Real Ale, however.
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Is Coopers a stable beer?

Very nice – reminds me of De Koninck – Just made this with 500g LDME and 500g glucose/dextrose. Fermented using kit yeast at 20 degrees (temp controlled using fridge and STC-1000), only took a week or so. Brewed slightly short to 22 liters. After 2 weeks in the bottle (5g/l bottling sugar) already very enjoyable indeed! Fruity but with a malty mouthfeel, well carbonated, decent lacing, not very bitter, easy drinking.
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