Ris Ala Malta Resepti?

Ris Ala Malta Resepti

How do you make Ris a la Malta?

Ris à la malta 1 Place the rice, water and salt in a saucepan. Let come to a boil and let simmer with the lid on for 10 minutes. Add the 2 Whip the cream to soft peaks together with the vanilla and sugar, then stir the whipped cream into the rice pudding. More
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What to serve with RIS a la Malta?

Whip the cream to soft peaks together with the vanilla and sugar, then stir the whipped cream into the rice pudding. Serve the ris à la malta with the orange slices and syrup. Some notes about this recipe: This is basically a simpler and quicker way to make ris à la malta. It’s also delicious to serve with some toasted almonds and grated chocolate.
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Why is it called RIS a la Malta?

December 18, 2017 By Ris Ala Malta Resepti Ris à la malta is a very typical Scandinavian Christmas dessert made from rice pudding and whipped cream. Not exactly sure why it’s called ris à la malta as I don’t think it has anything at all to do with Malta. Some say it’s a version of the Danish name of the same dessert – Risalamande which is commonly served with cherry sauce and almonds.

  1. In Sweden it’s more common to eat it with jam or ‘saftsås’, which is a cordial or sweetened fruit juice that is thickened with potato starch.
  2. I adore this dessert, it’s not overly sweet but it is quite heavy, so maybe not recommended to eat right after a big Christmas dinner.
  3. Below I’m sharing two of my favorite ris à la malta recipes.
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One more common way of making it, where you basically make a rice pudding – then mix it with whipped cream, vanilla and some sugar. The rice pudding can of course be eaten as it is too, with cinnamon, sugar and milk! Ris Ala Malta Resepti An interesting tradition that might not be that common anymore is to hide an almond in the rice pudding, and whoever gets it in their bowl receives a gift. Some also say that if you get the almond in your bowl, you will be married before next Christmas The second recipe, ‘apelsinris’, simply translates into ‘orange rice’ which I think is more of an old fashioned way of making it.

  • My inspiration for this recipe comes from a cookbook from 1932 by Jenny Åkerström called ‘Prinsessornas kokbok’ – ‘The princesses cookbook’.
  • It’s super interesting to read through this book, the language is so very different and all the recipes are very vague, such as ‘bake in a hot oven until cake is done’.

It also says to cook spaghetti for 40-50 minutes though. hehe. Ris Ala Malta Resepti Ris Ala Malta Resepti Ris Ala Malta Resepti Ris Ala Malta Resepti Ris Ala Malta Resepti
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What is à la Maltaise?

The history of Ris à la Malta – While this dish is most strongly connected to Christmas nowadays, Jan-Öjvind Swahn calls ris à la Malta a “classic Sunday dessert” in Mathistorisk uppslagsbok, He connects the name to the Mediterranean island of Malta, known for its oranges.

Checking with Larousse Gastronomique, the term à la Maltaise describes “sweet or savoury preparations which are based on oranges, particularly the Maltese blood orange”. It seems that it would be a dish with oranges. Swahn claims that the dessert’s first appearance under this name in Sweden is in Hagdahl’s 1879 cookbook (I only have the 1896 version, but the recipe is likely the same).

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Hagdahl’s Kok-konsten features “Risgryn med apelsin —Riz à la Malte”, where sugar, oranges, orange peel, lemons, wine, and carmine are used to make a sauce into which you stir in the rice porridge. After the mixture has cooled in little bowls, you plate it and serve with orange slices and an orange sauce.

Hagdahl’s recipe is similar to Gustafwa Björklund’s from 1847 with its elaborate dessert called Ris-Pudding med frukt, where the flavored rice is layered with boiled apples and crumbled biscuits and—of course—served in a bowl of crystal. But— Magnus Nilsson notes that the Danish upper class started serving sweetened rice porridge mixed with cream around the beginning of the 1900s.

Risalamande, the Danish name for the dish, comes from the French riz à l’amande, meaning “rice with almonds”. Nilsson claims that the Swedes misspelled the Danish name and dropped the almonds. So, is it Malta because of Maltese oranges, or because of sloppy spelling? I tend to believe more in the oranges, but the rice pudding exists both served with rice and with red jam. Ris Ala Malta Resepti A train wagon full of oranges has arrived in Sundsvall in 1950, and the fruits are gathered into bags and boxes. Photo: Norrlandsbild/Sundsvalls museum,
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