Tinto De Verano Resepti?

Tinto De Verano Resepti
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What is Tinto de Verano?

Literally, tinto de verano means ‘summer red wine.’ Essentially, it’s a mixture of Spanish red wine with a fruity soft drink. In Spain, the mixer is usually Fanta Limón (lemon Fanta). But if you can’t find this particular soda, you can always substitute Sprite, 7-Up, or even a mixture of lemonade and soda water.
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How do you make Tinto de Verano?

You can also make this using orange soda (some people in Spain prefer tinto de verano con naranja) or simply use some sparkling water and simple syrup. Citrus: The traditional fruit you’ll find in your tinto de verano is orange and lemon slices. If you want something more fruit-filled, try sangria.
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Does Tinto de Verano give you a hangover?

Tips –

  • You can serve this drink in individual glasses or increase the recipe and make it in a pitcher for all to enjoy.
  • When choosing a wine for your tinto de verano, you don’t have to use your best wine, but a decent table wine will prevent a bad hangover,
  • As with sangria, it’s easy to drink too much tinto de verano because the flavor is so much like a soft drink. Be sure to drink responsibly.

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What is the difference between sangria and Tinto de Verano?

Sangria and tinto de verano are both red wine based alcoholic drinks from Spain. However, traditional sangria includes a variety of fruits that are allowed to macerate in the wine. It also includes additional ingredients, such as brandy and sugar or simple syrup.
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