Hotter Than Hell Resepti?

Hotter Than Hell Resepti

What year did Hotter Than Hell come out?

Hotter than Hell
Studio album by Kiss
Released October 22, 1974
Recorded August 1974
Studio The Village, Los Angeles
  • Hard rock
  • heavy metal
  • proto-punk
Length 33 : 02
Label Casablanca
Producer Kenny Kerner, Richie Wise
Kiss chronology
Kiss (1974) Hotter than Hell (1974) Dressed to Kill (1975)

/td> Singles from Hotter than Hell

” Let Me Go, Rock ‘n’ Roll ” Released: October 22, 1974

Hotter than Hell is the second studio album by American hard rock band Kiss, released on October 22, 1974, by Casablanca Records, It was certified gold on June 23, 1977, having shipped 500,000 copies. The album was re-released in 1997 in a remastered version.
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What happened to kiss after Hotter Than Hell?

Release and reception –

Professional ratings

Review scores
Source Rating
Collector’s Guide to Heavy Metal 8/10
Encyclopedia of Popular Music
Pitchfork 5.3/10
The New Rolling Stone Album Guide

Despite the intense touring schedule Kiss maintained in 1974, Hotter than Hell failed to outperform the band’s first album and fared considerably worse. This was due partly to the fact that Casablanca’s distribution deal with Warner Bros. Records had ended.

The publicity push behind the album was not nearly as strong as it had been for the debut album. One notable exception was a television commercial aired to promote the album. The only single released from the album, “Let Me Go, Rock ‘n’ Roll”, was distributed in low numbers and failed to chart. Four months after the album was released, Kiss was pulled off of the tour and called back into the studio to record a follow-up.

Hotter than Hell was certified gold on June 23, 1977.
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What is Hotter’n Hell Hundred?

When searching for a way to celebrate the Wichita Falls centennial in 1982, Roby Christie, of the Wichita Falls Bicycle Club, proposed a bicycle ride – 100 miles in 100 degree heat, coining the name: Hotter’N Hell Hundred. The rest is hotter’n hell history
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What is the meaning of Hotter Than Hell by Dua Lipa?

Dua Lipa embraces the bad-girl mentality – and then some – in “Hotter Than Hell”, a tropical-house-influenced track that employs religious images as a metaphor for a passionate love. The song was released as the fourth single from her self titled album,

Lipa spoke to the BBC News and The New York Times saying it was inspired by a “really horrible relationship went off the rails. It was really bruising my ego and making me feel like I wasn’t worth it.” This guy just made me feel like I wasn’t good enough, always kicking me down in a way emotionally. And I was in the mood to write a really sad song.

But when I started writing lyrics I was like, ‘Oh, I don’t want to let him hear how he made me feel.’ I didn’t want to show weakness — that’s not what I wanted to portray. And I was like: ‘O.K., I’m going to flip the script. I’m going to make it seem as if he couldn’t get enough of me.’ And instantly, the second I started writing, I started feeling better about the situation because I went into this imaginative world where everything had changed.
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